It’s essential to supervise mental health.

It’s essential to supervise mental health.
According to my point of view, physical health and mental health both are important for all of us. But in our society people give less preference to mental health when compared to physical health. In our society, people feel awkward talking about mental illness. We try to resist the pressure and stress in our surroundings. That results in depression and sometimes anxiety also. Most of the time the stress and pressure we carry are due to our family and friends. Because in any society people think more about others. We think if we did something outside the box then people will blame and criticize me. In that circumstance, we carry a load of depression, stress, overthinking, anxiety, etc in our fragile minds. Yes, we made our minds so fragile in a way that can’t even resist ourselves from tough situations and face the problem.

Let’s talk about mental health major issue called depression that is very common to everyone in the world. And depression is more injurious than any other illness in our body. Illness of the body may be cured but the illness that had occupied our minds can’t be cured until we try to cure it and defeat it. Our mind sends us some signals which we need to detect and rectify to have better mental health with physical fitness.

Stress is generated through overthinking in our minds which results in pressure.
Pressure welcomes a friend of it in the space that is anxiety.

Then comes the role of their cousins which are loneliness and depression.

What is depression?

Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you from doing your normal activities. Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but a mix of events and factors. And nowadays we have become the loneliest society in human history. I say this as most of us in the present scenario feel like we are no longer close to anyone on this earth. So that moment makes us feel the loneliest person on this earth.

Why act blind even after recognizing the source of the problem?

We know why anyone gets these thoughts in their mind. But the problem is we don’t want to show and accept that we are alone. Instead, we pretend as if we are very busy in our lives like we don’t even have enough time to drink a sip of water. We do this and live like this to just earn money, status, power. I am saying this because if we go out and ask a random child why they want to pursue education. Then we will obtain these answers that they want to earn money, status, and live life extra large. Because at the end of the day you are analyzed by your status and bank balance.

What do we earn by living like this?

By living like this we are living in a mindset that takes over our minds and fills it up with some kind of junk values that had made us mentally sick. If we start thinking life is all about money, status, and showing off then in the end we are going to feel like crap. After which we term it as depression, anxiety, etc The only solution for this is just reconnecting ourselves with the inner self. Because the root of depression and anxiety lies in the way of life we live.

Deep explanation in two ways:

There are two types of explanations that are interlinked with each other I.e., psychological reason and physical reason. We just need to keep track of both. Let us discuss both reasons on one hand coming to psychological reasons we psychologically overthink everything that’s happening in our life. Deep thinking over something is not harmful but we should have clarity that the reason behind our overthinking is plausible. On the other hand, coming to physical reasons, we ignore to concentrate on the five elements of body fuel that give the energy to run the whole day. Five elements are earth, water, fire, air, and space(sky). Here earth means the food we take, water means the liquid we take, fire means the exercise we do, air means the type of air we inhale, and lastly, space means the type of surroundings we live in.

What should we do when we feel like this?

The feeling of depression and anxiety is not a problem. It’s a signal which our body gives us to take care of it before it’s too late. We need to just understand the problem and fix it by listening to these signals.

To live a psychologically healthy life we should follow these thought processes:

  1. We should stop over assuming and overthinking situations that are happening in our lives because it’s okay not to be okay all time.
  2. We should take life as a see-saw and circumstances as a jigsaw puzzle. Because life is all about ups and downs. And its problems are like that jigsaw puzzle in which we have all the pieces about just we missed out all the pieces in search of one piece. Likewise, we think over problems instead of thinking of solutions.
  3. We should keep taking mini-breaks from our daily routine. Like a student takes a power nap to be focused and refreshed.
  4. We keep track of servicing and maintenance of vehicles in our house and forget to keep track of servicing and maintenance of our mind which is in our body. So, we should track our body and mind too to decrease the stress and pressure of our lives.
  5. Last but not least we should always try to see in inner us wherever we are stressed out.

Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay. One thing matters in the whole journey of life I.e., the way we deal with it and it’s completely on us how to drive on this path. We should be front-foot players of our game. If nothing helps us in a problematic situation then try to talk to yourself or a stranger. But remember don’t just survive we need to live life by experiencing, learning, failing, and executing the plans. We must not live life to show what we had done in the present, past, or what we will do in the future. A happy life consists of a healthy mind and a functional body.
The more we believe we can buy and exhibit, the more we are making way for sadness in our lives. As a society, we have become much more driven by these beliefs that look for happiness in all the wrong places. At some level, we all know these things but in this culture, we don’t live by them.