Change is the law of nature. Everything on this earth is bound to change. Over a period of millions of years, our society has changed from the stone age to the computer age.

Much has been talked about the status of women in India. But the in-ground reality, she is still struggling to achieve a respected position in society. No, I m not talking about those who are so familiar to you. I am talking about those women who belong to a family where there is still a male-dominant as the head of the family. One who is taught to obey her father or husband. One who belongs to rural areas, middle-class families.

Despite on paper advancements many problems still remain which inhibit women from fully taking advantage of new rights and opportunities in India. Its time for a reality check on a ground reality basis.


Today we talk about no dowry and it’s illegal also we know that even though we give and take with full pride. So one who gives or takes dowry is educated illiterate. One who talks about no dowry is the one who takes or gives it. Normally people think the person in any way related to the education field knows that its a big crime. But even they take and give. Why is it going on ??????

Problem is the way people of so-called society think and they are being taught. Stop giving excuses that I didn’t take they gave with there happiness for there daughter. And I am not only blaming the groom’s side. Both the groom and bride are equally wrong in this so-called tradition. As we know one who does wrong and one who bares it both are equally wrong. And please do not say ki “HUMARE EK KE DAHEJ NA LENE YA DENE SE DUNIYA THODI BADAL JAYEGI”.

Start taking tiny steps towards change every step matters at the end.

So, coming to a conclusion, every problem comes with a solution. I think when we search for a bride we must see there nature and behavior. And the same thing applies when it comes to the groom. Parents of girls must search in a manner a boy who is hard working. Not the one who has big property, who has a nice salary. Because greed is a hunger that can’t be fulfilled with any amount of money or property.